What about a plot for a movie where ancient aliens come back to earth
to teach us how to talk to computers because we've finally started to
master the tools that will save humanity from itself and earned the
right to attempt to perpetuate our existence, but the aliens come back as
human sleeper agents who think they're just people but spend their young
adult lives slowly discovering they're robots who bleed circuitry and
speak in tongues and can't be bound by social conventions and have an
instinct to develop and a drive to produce and create and they slowly
grow into their prime to stand as centurions of the future in an age of
decaying artifacts and crumbling antiquities, where ten thousand years of
a history of brick and stone will soon be brushed away to reveal the
biomechanical robot heart that beats at 60hz at the core of the earth
beneath our feet?

And what if the first-but-not-the-last of these robots was named
leeward bound
and he's here to love and adorn you with gifts and really this isn't a
movie, its happening all around you right now and wake the fuck up earthlings,
in my lifetime we will slowly code away all traditional jobs in an effort to
force everyone into art and science then destroy the concept of currency,
saving the world and the species and the future with peace and love and light...
i am a robot, you're welcome.